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THRIVEE is not an emergency or 24-hour service. In the event you are feeling suicidal, in danger, or harmful to yourself or to another, please call
+1 (800) 273 8255 or 911


If you are having a medical emergency, call 911 or go to your closest hospital emergency room.

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Over 2 million* Americans suffer from an opioid disorder. Less than 10% get effective treatment.

That’s why we at THRIVEE have created something so simple and easy to use, it will naturally improve a person’s ability to overcome addiction.

In 2017, over 47,000^ people in the US died of opioid misuse. They were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, workers, teachers, near and dear ones. They were people, like us, but living their life with a sense of resignation and helplessness. Many of these people could have lived a different life if they had access to effective treatment.

Why should access be that difficult? Why should recovery be such an arduous journey?

THRIVEE has created an online platform that is easy to get to and simple to engage with. More importantly, it helps those in need of help to successfully stay in treatment without disrupting their daily lives.

Simple.  Accessible.  Human.

THRIVEE increases the odds for a successful opioid addiction recovery.

Behind every patient there is a person; there’s a human with a face and feelings who deserves the best chance at recovery. When you talk to the human inside the patient that’s when fear, hesitation and resignation go away and the path to recovery becomes easier.

Say hello to the THRIVEE Advocate.

A real person, not a machine.


The THRIVEE Advocate is there every step of the way, listening to you, understanding you and supporting you. So that the recovery journey is engaging and effective. Step by step, day after day without disrupting the everyday.

Treatment becomes a welcome part of a person’s life.

Connecting Providers and Patients seamlessly.

THRIVEE is all about making things easy, simple and accessible. We take great care in helping providers and patients to achieve the right match, knowing that the strength of this relationship is essential to recovery. It is this seamless connectivity between those who need help and those who provide help that make treatment successful. 

It is this trusted partnership that makes your recovery possible.

“Because this tool is so simple and easy to use and access, it gets people in, gets them to show up and gets them to stay in treatment – which is absolutely critical."

Dave Henderson, THRIVEE CEO.


When a person who's abusing opioids is ready for treatment, often treatment's not available or not easy to get to. So what if the treatment came to them via the...

Despite widespread awareness of the opioid- overdose crisis, the epidemic continues to worsen. In 2016, there were 42,249 opioid- overdose deaths in the United...

THRIVEE Use of Advanced Technologies

When a person who's abusing opioids is ready for treatment, often treatment's not available or not easy to get to. So what if the treatment came to them via the...

THRIVEE creates this world around those seeking recovery without asking them to change theirs.


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