About Us

We believe that all people suffering from addiction deserve the chance to be helped.

THRIVEE has developed a Revolutionary E-Counseling Platform that will connect more people in need, with talented, experienced and fully qualified counselors, wherever they may be. Through compassion, caring, continued advancements in technology and the latest care techniques, THRIVEE aims to help people get their lives back and assist great physicians to engage with their patients seamlessly.

‘Over 2 million Americans have an opioid abuse disorder causing over 50,000 annual deaths and a near $100 billion economic impact.'

Leveraging a better tool to beat addiction

THRIVEE‘s virtual patient opioid management model uses more technology and product capabilities than any other solution, featuring:

• Artificial intelligence voice and facial recognition

• Computer, smartphone, and smart television virtual care that is virtual behavioral health care that is simple, high-quality, convenient, affordable, and private

Building upon a competitive advantage

THRIVEE is the only opioid treatment program that provides high-touch virtual collaborative care with practice management tools and a provider network. The THRIVEE management and executive team have extensive experience in managed care, behavioral health and home and community based service models for at-risk individuals.